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I am a major believer in using the simple ingredients provided by nature to restore and maintain the skin. Water is the most important skin care product you could ever invest in. Your body is made of about 60% water. This water supports the major organs, helps deliver oxygen throughout the body and allows for the growth and repair of cells to include skin cells. 

 Drink at least 6 servings (32 ounces) of water   each day to help give your skin the healthiest   conditions possible. The experts actually   recommended 8 servings of water a day but 6   is a great starting point for beginners. With increasing your water intake, the body will be better postured to combat acne and other health related issues. Unfortunately, please do not include coffee, tea, juice or soda as one of those servings of water. Sorry! 😬  If coffee were a serving of water, I know many of us would say “No problem! I’ll increase my coffee consumption.” That’s EXACTLY what I’d do!

 Add warm baths to your bathing routine to   hydrate the skin from the outside inward. As   you soak, your skin and body in general   absorbs water. You may have to schedule this   into your week. 20 minutes is all you need in the tub. But when you add in the time of running the bath and then cleaning the bath tub afterward, I'll admit that a shower is much faster. Just remind yourself that your skin needs it. It’s also a portion of the relaxation you could use. Add some bath salt. Pour a glass of wine. Make it count! 

 Gently wash your face to remove dirt at the   start of the day and again at the end of the   day. I know you're tired! Need some   motivation? Think about how much better y   you’ll sleep knowing germs aren’t attacking your face and pillow case. The cleaner you can keep your skin without drying it out, the better. 

For skin that is experiencing signs of stress through dryness, acne and health conditions, start from the inside out. Be reliable to yourself when it come to providing your body with the water it needs to help function optimally.

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