Three Useful Tools For Your Skin Care Routine

Using a facial brush is the easiest way to ensure the foundation of your skin care routine is off to a good start. Facial brushes paired with a gentle cleanser quickly remove dirt and build up, while also increasing blood circulation. With so many models and price ranges available, look for a brush with silicone bristles to decrease the risk of transfer of bacteria.


A facial steamer is a game changer! You’ll need just ten minutes a week to loosen black heads and open pores for a deeply cleansed experience. Follow up with exfoliator for hydrated and brighter looking skin.

Avoid pinching your skin and add a great pair of tweezers to your skin care tool kit. Black heads, stray hairs and eyebrows will appreciate a sharp precise tweezer. I personally prefer the type with a curved bend on the end for more flexibility and accuracy.

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