The Planets Product Related Plastic Problem

There has been a lot of media attention lately about the poor condition our planet due to the over use of plastic. I am one of those people who recycles constantly  and and will take the extra few minutes to cut the rings of plastic sometimes used to hold bottles of water together. 

As time has progressed...   

We have been educated about the health concerns surrounding our use of some plastics and that has caused many of us have made a lot of adjustments away from plastic. I use glass for taking my lunch to work and shelled out a few extra dollars more than I'd have liked for my favorite water bottle of all time two years ago, which is Hydroflask brand. I love it so much that I talked my sister into purchasing them for her family of three and then gave my mom one as a gift a few years also. We're all sold and never leave home without it. As I travel a lot with the Military, it's the number one item after lotion that I do not want to forget to put into my carry-on bag. (These opinions are my own and I received no compensation. go to hydroflask,.com for more info).

MawAhh California Bans Hotel Shampoo Bottles

In the news...

When I came across this article  about California, moving to ban shampoo   bottles in hotels, I must admit that I thought   to myself "Here we go again with these   California Laws". I personally love California   except for the taxes and some of the laws;   the sunshine is great! But it's the only place   I've ever been where a trip to Starbucks   results in you being warned about cancer   causing chemicals in coffee. On the other   hand, I applaud the decision in California to   ban single use plastic bags. As a Navy Sailor, I often see a lot of this plastic trash floating in our oceans far away from land.  

Over the years...

We all have become much more educated about the effects of the use of plastic on our health and our planet. I thought my dad was a little insane growing up. Back in the early 1990's before a lot of this plastic research was available, he only allowed us to drink from glasses stating "All that plastic isn't good for you". And so now, in business, I try to carry on some of those same sentiments.

What type of packaging???

A big battle for me for a while now has been the plastic that I use to package soap. It helps keep everything neat but that plastic goes into the trash. It is my goal to move MawAhh onto other forms of custom packaging. But we're not there yet and I want to do something that is going to make a difference right now.  Another  option is leaving the mostly soap un-packaged with a paper label attached around the bar. Weigh in below and let me know what you think the best option my be to get us away from packaging our soaps in plastic.

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