Stress: A Common Cause of Skin Problems

2009 was a crazy year; lots of change personally and professionally! I'd moved to Hawaii as a single dog mom and started a new very demanding position in my military career. 

So I guess I should not have been surprised when large flat oval shaped lesions popped up on my mid section. Surely it was some sort of crazy thing I'd caught from the sand or water at the beach. When I went to the doctor, it was clear she had no idea what it was or what was causing it. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic ointment for something that was described as a "tropical rash". She said to come back if it got worse. I never used the ointment. And within about a month, the "rashes" totally disappeared. 

I knew exactly what was occurring a few moths later when I started waking up with swollen lips that had tiny little bumps around them. My body was reacting to something I'd eaten. I'd made a doctor appointment for the same day but by the time I'd arrive, the reaction would be over. This occurred time and time again. After a few weeks of testing and researching, I realized three things.

1. I was wrong! I didn't have a food allergy. I was allergic to the lip balm that I'd been using for over 15 years. I always applied it right before bed. 

2. I had nearly no clue what I was using as daily care for my skin and it was legal to keep me in the dark about it. Any ingredient used at less than 1% doesn't have to be listed in the ingredients. .

3.  Stress was rearing it's ugly face on my skin! 

Things that appear segmented often come together display the full picture. I liken it starting a complex skin care product design. It's not always an easy process. Sometimes there are mistakes. But the journey results in finally bringing all the ingredients together successfully.

Up until this point, I'd had pretty non-sensitive skin. What was going on all of a sudden? STRESS! I could only imagine what was going on with me internally if it was seeping out into the open. I needed to fix it fast. Try these three ways to attack stress before it attacks your skin:

1. Reduce your stress. I know... like duh! Many life situation my seem like they are beyond your control. Either change your circumstances or change your outlook. 

2. Find an outlet. It my be an expertise routine you love, a hobby or relaxing with people who love you. 

3. Don't neglect yourself. That means drinking enough water, getting adequate sleep, taking time to just do nothing.  

Some days I’m in my creative zone and I know whatever I make will be magic. On other days, I’m looking for the phone that’s already in my hand. 🤪 Find things/people in life that/who help balance you out. Emotional stress, lack of sleep, and overall unhappiness may show up as rashes, lesions, or blisters on your skin

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