Six Ways to honor her this M.O.T.H.E.R.'s Day

Mother's day is often a time of reflection and a showing of appreciation for many people. And it really doesn't matter if your "mother" is the person who gave birth to you, a woman who has loved you as her own, or someone you've personally appointed to hold that special place in your heart. Here are six ways you can honor the mother in your life.  

Make time.

We all get caught up in our own lives. But this person cared for you for many years, even after you were finally able to make your own bowl of cereal. So every now and again, invite her to do something she's interested in. Be a captive audience by choice just as she has been for you. 

Own your mistakes.

We all go through it. Those moments in life where we pinpoint every mistake our mom has made.I can imagine being a parent is difficult! When I find myself thinking about to some of the mistakes my mom made in my childhood, I reflect on all the great things she's done for me and all the times that I was not the most pleasant child. 

Thank you.

Say it often. Meant it. For everything. And for nothing specifically. It's simple. 

Help her.

Mom's are often being asked for a snack, to tie shoes, and overall go about life helping their little one grow and mature. They may not know how to ask, but look for ways to help her. Anything big or small will be appreciated.

Empathize with her journey!

Women have not always had the freedom or support to live life the way many of us do today. Many things in the media have shown us that women still struggle with things such as equal pay. Some of our mom's have made decision and sacrifices that we may never know about or if known, may truly never be able to fully understand. The person she is today is partly because of what she has endured.  

Remember how much she loves you.

Yes! Even when she's nagging you for the millionth time asking if you remember to lock the door or telling you to be safe on your "very dangerous" trip to the mall. She over reacts because she loves you. So be patient with her. 

Share the ways you've honored your mother. Or maybe you've experienced or observed some great ideas from another family. 

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