I have to Fess Up... I Did It!

A lot of big businesses change formulations. Changes can be driven by availability of ingredients, cost, or emerging market demands. Often times, us as consumers are not aware of the changes because it doesn't effect the product in a way that's easily detectable. More often, we are not privy to the changes because the company does not disclose their formulations due to trade secret protections. 

Remember that time when....

Kraft quietly changed their macaroni and cheese recipe? They didn't release that information for six months and most of their customers never suspected. Well, I'm not someone who strays away from transparency; I'm actually a horrible at not telling the truth. So I did it! Don't be mad! I changed the formulation for the "Monster Free" bar. 

This is What Happened...


Activated CharcoalThe activated charcoal was doing its job of detoxifying and deep cleansing. Many of the people who use the Monster Free bar rave about how fresh it leaves their skin feeling without causing dryness; especially for their face. But I recently updated the formulation of the activated charcoal bar. It really is for the best! 

And this is why...

Most of us recognize how great flaxseed is for our internal health. But the Omeag-3 fatty acids contained in flaxseed can also help promote an even skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dullness. Combined with Rhassoul Clay that absorbs excess dirt, the addition of flaxseed to this bar created a trio that's worth adding to any daily skin care routine. 


Please forgive me...

I bet that your skin will love this addition of flaxseed and the bar is still available at the same great price! Tell us about your experiences in general with flaxseed or with the Monster Free bar. Also if you have any questions, leave them below. 


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