For You Next Year! Happy 2016!

Handcrafted New Year Skin Care

As we come to the end of spending some additional time with friends and family for the holiday season, we are wishing for more mornings to sleep in here at MawAhh. :-) This is a time for all of us to evaluate the previous year, set goals, and reflect upon the past year of absolute joy!2016

We truly appreciate our faithful supporters of 2015, before, and those  to come. "Thank you!" would not sufficiently express the amount of gratitude we have for every skin or hair success story, encouraging statement,  and simple smile. I also look forward to sharing, enjoying and caring for the needs of those who will join us in the near future. Here are some things you can expect from us in 2016:

  1. Exclusive subscriber deals. Join our MawAhh Mailing List!
  2. An essential oil soap line that will help us give back to a vital part of our community.
  3. And what we are overly excited about... new lip balms flavors!

New year resolutions are in the making, many of which will involve more healthy decisions. Remember that what you put onto your body can be as equally import as what you put into your body.  MawAhh and Morewill continue to share our happy lifestyle stories while MawAhh will provide you with healthy skin and hair care products.

I can only hope that you will continue to enjoy our creations of natural handcrafted products. We will certainly continue to handcraft them with affection for your health and overall happiness. Happy New Year!!

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