3 Tips to Spring Ready Skin

It might not seem like it with the winter blast we had earlier this month, but spring is almost here! Are you as ready for short sleeves and sandals as I am? We had a few days of sunshine last week and we couldn't resist breaking out the hammocks. I laughed at myself when I realized that in my eagerness to get outside, I was lounging in my puppy pajamas. 

MawAhh Skincare Spring Skin Care

As I lay there and imagined I was on a beach in Hawaii drinking a mai tai, I could literally feel my body recharging from the sun's rays. It's easy to forget the major impact each season has on your skin care needs. Here are 3 tips to help your skin emerge from winter with a brighter glow this spring.

1. Select the right cleanser for both your face and your body. A key to great looking skin is controlling unhealthy bacteria. You should feel clean after your shower or bath, but your skin should not be totally stripped of its natural oils. To prevent eczema flare ups and dry skin overall, wash with gentle detergent free soaps. 

2. Your skin has been cooped up and cozy under layers of clothing for months now. At this point in the season, you might think it looks a little dull. Add an exfoliating product to your routine. When you exfoliate 2-3 times per week, dead and damaged skin cells are removed to reveal healthier, glowing skin cells. 

3. The importance of maintaining a healthy amount of moisture can't be overstated. Products such as lotions, butters, and balms add moisture to the skin and/or lock moisture into the skin. No skin care routine will survive without this step. Selecting the correct moisturizer is important, particularly if you have extremely dry or oily skin. Find what works for you and don’t be afraid to use different types of moisturizers for different parts of your body.  For example, you might use a light lotion for you face and body. And then use a whipped butter for your feet and hands. Mix it up!

Be intentional about caring for your skin and take 10 minutes a day to pamper yourself. I’m not saying that every day has to be a spa day. But the more love and nutrition your skin receives, the better it will look and feel. 


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